Counselling and Psychotherapy in South Somerset

Gambling Addiction

A space to focus on the triggers to your gambling.
To help get back the control over your life and not give into your addiction.
To face up to feelings you’ve been trying to escape from.

Relationship problems

Not feeling heard or understood, difficulties in relating to partner, parents, children?
Give yourself the time to explore how you relate to others and what you hope for from the relationships in your life.

Childhood issues

Childhood experiences and the trauma of abuse, bereavement and divorce can affect and stay with us as we grow into adults, leaving us feeling constrained by our emotions and thoughts. Insight into such issues help to release the shame and blame we put on ourselves as children.

How counselling can help

There maybe times in our lives where our emotions and thoughts make day to day life difficult to cope with. Life issues such as bereavement, childhood trauma or relationship problems can lead to feelings of depression, loss of self esteem, anxiety, anger etc. Often we then employ such coping mechanisms as over indulging in food, alcohol, gambling or work to help us through.

My person centre approach to counselling creates an honest and empathic space for you to be heard and recognise the triggers to your own emotional and behavioural responses. These issues may be related to childhood experiences and the subsequent meanings we put to life events when we were younger, which consequently hold us back as adults.

I feel it is important to create a strong, therapeutic relationship to be able to work together and generate a personal effective plan to increase self awareness. This renewed awareness and resulting personal empowerment enables a letting go of negative held beliefs and encourages self acceptance, the key to a happier life.