About Me

I’m Jayne and have worked as a counsellor for over 6 years within the South Somerset area. My counselling name Trusted Therapy, encompasses my years of experience, counselling both in the charitable sector and for my own private practice. I began my counselling journey with the bereavement charity Cruse, visiting clients in their own homes and supporting and listening to them during the worst times of their grief. My role as counsellor for the Dorset Listening Service, an agency helping people over 55, supported those who were often lonely or who were assessing where their life had taken them.

I have found my counselling work with the Gambling charity to be very rewarding. Often clients feel ashamed and stigmatised by the label of being a gambling addict. By looking back to their life experiences, we work together to make connections to subsequent destructive decisions, and this enables a realisation and growing self empowerment to change and re-start their lives.

My own personal life experiences have informed my work, I am a single mum of 2, and have worked in both commercial and vocational employment sectors. During my time working for a national media company, I experienced the stresses of working in a competitive environment and the pressure to climb the career ladder. This contrasts with my current work as a counsellor, and as a carer, for those needing extra support, both clients and their families, but with an understanding of the different stresses arising in these situations.


“You have helped me to move forward and re-build a bright and happy future, I cannot thank you enough!”

Ms E